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We are a group of backpackers with an initiative to promote backpacking culture in India. Our objective is to identify and guide foreign tourist by helping international student groups or tourists find the right accommodation and travel options at the right price.

We call it Incredible India as it is a diversified country with 29 different states with each state having its own culture, language, food and people.Each place you visit here will be completely different from the last one. We ensure 100% safety for women travellers and we have designed a simple presentation to make your travel very easy comfortable.

Indiabackpack.com believes in taking a memorable travel and stumbling upon some hidden gems along the way. We discovered new flavors, stayed at quirky Hotels and ready to give you the experience. Be it solo or a school holidays, we have the team to create you a wonderful and unique Holiday package.

INDIABACKPACK offers you discounted Air and Train tickets, Budget hotel bookings, car rentals, Buses, School holiday packages and reliable money exchange. You can plan your adventure from start to finish in one platform and we guarantee for your smile...!